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The conference is held in the City of Wrocław, a thriving, cosmopolitan city and a vanguard of innovation where progress, in all of its forms, seems to have no limits. With an ample history spanning over a thousand years, Wrocław is a place where tradition and experience intertwine with the vibrancy of a dynamic business center. Every year, Wrocław is becoming “the” place for high-end investments and commerce.

Useful links:
The City of Wrocław official website: www.wroclaw.pl
Wrocław’s official visitors’ guide: visitwroclaw.eu
ZOO Wrocław: www.zoo.wroclaw.pl


By air

Wrocław Copernicus Airport (IATA: WRO), with its modern terminal opened in 2012, is located ten kilometers from the historical city center. Similarly to other regional airports in Poland, Copernicus has grown significantly over the last years and continues to expand its services for international business travelers and tourists. In 2012, the airport served 2 million passengers. Now, this number is constantly growing. Wrocław Airport connects the city with major European transfer hubs (Frankfurt, Munich, Warsaw, Copenhagen) and with many other places in whole Europe.
To learn more about direct flights to/from Wrocław please visit: http://airport.wroclaw.pl/en/passager/route-map/orwww.airport.wroclaw.pl

By train – railway

Wrocław Agglomeration railway network is undergoing modernization in order to provide the citizens with another possibility of commuting to the city center. Park&Ride systems are designed to encourage car drivers to leave their vehicles and use public transport including the Tram, which represents the intelligent public transport system. This relieves the traffic within the city and speeds up the time of getting to work.www.rozklad-pkp.pl/en

By bus

Polski Bus is the new alternative to air, train and car travel. Fast and comfortable coach service connects Wrocław with Berlin, Budapest or Prague.
Please visit their website for more information: http://www.polskibus.com/en/index.htm


Poland is part of the Schengen Area

Schengen C-type visa

The unified Schengen visa (C-type visa valid in Schengen states) entitles the holder to stay in the territory of all Schengen states.

The Schengen visa with limited territorial validity (C-type visa valid only in Poland or with validity excluded for a specified Schengen state/states) only entitles the holder to stay in the territory of the state/states for which it is valid.

What documents do you need when submitting a C-type Schengen visa application?

1. Travel document:

  • valid at least three months after your planned departure from Poland/Schengen territory;
  • with at least 2 blank pages;
  • issued within the last ten years.

2. Completed and signed visa application form.

3. Biometric photo.

4. Visa fee.

5. Health insurance of at least EUR 30000, valid in the entire Schengen territory.

6. Supplementary documents, confirming:

  • the purpose of the visit,
  • possession of accommodation;
  • possession of sufficient funds to cover the cost of entry, stay and departure from the Schengen territory or Poland;
  • willingness to leave Schengen territory after expiry of the visa.

The types and number of supplementary documents may differ depending on the consular office. In this connection we advise you to contact the relevant consulate to obtain full information concerning the documents needed when submitting a visa application.

The consul of which Schengen state is competent to process your Schengen visa application?

  • The consul of the Schengen state which is the main destination of your visit is always the consul competent to process your visa application.
  • If you are not planning to visit Poland at all, you cannot submit your Schengen visa application to a Polish consular office.
  • If you are going to visit several Schengen states, a Polish consul will be competent to process your application only if Poland is the main destination of your entry into Schengen territory or if Poland is the state in which you intend to spend most of your time.
  • If you intend to stay in the territory of Poland and/or any other Schengen states (during one or more visits) for a total of up to 90 days within a half-year period calculated from the date of first entry, or if you plan to pass through Schengen territory (by train, car or plane), you need to apply for a Schengen C-type visa.

For More information visit our MFA’s website: http://www.msz.gov.pl/en/travel_to_poland/visa/


Time Zone

Standard time zone: UTC/GMT + 1 hour
Daylight saving time: + 1 hour



The currency of Poland: Polish Zloty (zł, PLN)
Currency subunit: Grosz 1/100 (100 groszy = 1 PLN)
Current exchanges rates, please check the website: http://www.nbp.pl/homen.aspx?f=/srodeken.htm

Public transportation

Wrocław offers various means of public transportation. The city is well-connected by buses, trams and trains. You can buy a ticket in every bus or tram in a special terminal only by card. And on some bus and tram station by card and by cash. If you want to check public transportation connections please visit: www.wroclaw.jakdojade.pl/?locale=en. There is also a public transport smartphone app available in Play Store and Apple Store.


Taxi service

Ryba Taxi (approximate prices: from Airport to City Center – 35-45 PLN), tel.:
+48 713 067 067
+48 516 007 700

Wicar Taxi (approximate prices: from Airport to City Center – 35-45 PLN), tel.:
+48 71 34 20 777
+48 725 71 71 71

Radio Taxi Serc (approximate prices: from Airport to City Center – 35-45 PLN), tel.:
+48 71 196 29
+48 71 363 37 37
+48 607 96 29 00

The UBER service is also available in Wroclaw


There is a big parking in the shopping mall “Pasaz Grunwaldzki” close to the conference (plac Grunwaldzki 22, 50-363 Wroclaw), but it’s open from 8:45 to 23:00 and the fee is 3PLN per hour. Please bear in mind that it’s very difficult to find other parking places near the conference hall and it’s also a paid parking zone (https://www.wroclaw.pl/en/paid-parking-zone). We really recommend using public transport, considering also the frequent traffic jams in this area.


Wrocław is the warmest city in Poland. The average temperature in May is around 20 degrees Celsius during the day, usually with sunny weather, but nevertheless, some rain days may be expected. To check the latest weather forecast for Wrocław visit: https://www.accuweather.com/en/pl/wrocaw/273125/weather-forecast/273125

Credit Cards

In general, VISA, EC/MC and American Express credit cards are accepted in most restaurants, cafés, shops and petrol stations.


The voltage in Poland is 220-240 Volts. Primary Socket Type: Europlug, Schuko

Phone and Internet

The PL dialling code is +48. Please remember to check your own country’s code before you travel.
Complimentary open Wi-Fi connection for general browsing purposes will be available throughout the conference venue. The password will be available at the registration desk

Emergency phone number


Recommended restaurants in Wrocław


Przystań  & Marina Restaurant
(fine dining; located at the riverside, opposite the University of Wrocław)
ul. Księcia Witolda 2
tel. 502 130 893
e-mail: przystan@przystan.wroc.pl 

Pod Fredrą Restaurant
(local cuisine; located in the middle of the Market Square, next to the Town Hall)
Rynek – Ratusz 1
tel. +48 71 341 13 35
e-mail: restauracja@podfredra.pl

Jadka Restaurant
(fine dining; located in the city center)
ul. Rzeźnicza 24/25,
tel. +48 71 343-64-61
e-mail: rezerwacje@jadka.pl

Pod Papugami Restaurant
(local cuisine; located in the Market Square, next to the Town Hall)
ul. Sukiennice 9a
tel. +48 71 343 92 75
e-mail: info@podpapugami.com.pl

Bernard Pub & Restaurant

(local cuisine; located in the Market Square)
Rynek 35
tel. +48 71 344 10 54
e-mail: bernard@bernard.wroclaw.pl

La Maddalena Restaurant
(fine dining; located in the famous Quarter of Four Denominations)
ul. Włodkowica 9
tel. +48 71 782 60 90
email: restauracja@lamaddalena.pl

Masala Indian Restaurant
(Indian cuisine; located near the Market Square)
ul. Kuźnicza 3
tel. +48 71 302 69 49, +48 691 844 988
e-mail: info@masala-grill.pl

Konspira Restaurant
(local cuisine; located near the Market Square)
Plac Solny 11
tel. +48 796 326 600
email: rezerwacje.konspira@gmail.com

Whiskey in the Jar
(steakhouse; located in the Market Square)
Rynek 23, 24
tel. +48 503 527 531
email: wroclaw@whiskeyinthejar.pl

(breakfast/lunch; near the opera)
Plac Teatralny 8
tel. +48 502 575 145
email: opera@dinette.pl


Restauracja Przystanek ZOO
ul. Wróblewskiego 1
tel. +48 607 758 848
e-mail: dyrektor@grupaaston.pl